Located in the old Cathedral City of Elgin and the famous distilling region of Speyside, Avva Scottish Gin is lovingly handcrafted in Jessie-Jean our bespoke copper still.

The name Avva means a respected grandmother or elder women in the Indian language of Dravidian and therefore fitting that the still is names after my two grandmothers.

Avva was created by Jill Brown, with the brand having links to the local area too.  The inspiration of the label design coming from the rose and arched windows of Elgin Cathedral.

Avva is made with heart.



Crafted to celebrate Lord Byron’s love of the Scottish Highlands which inspired him to pen some of his most beautiful and memorable poetry.

Our Byron’s Gins are hand-crafted, multi-layered with traditional juniper enhanced with local herbs and garden botanicals from the grounds of our boutique, artisan distillery, nestled in the Cairngorm National Park.

At Speyside Distillery our distiller, along with the County Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, have united to craft two enchanting gins. Infusing their professional skills, expertise in respective fields and most importantly, life-long deep passion - they have created unique and new gin experiences for the more sophisticated palate.



With depth in every detail, Caorunn is expertly handcrafted in small batches by Gin Master Simon Buley in the Scottish Highlands.

The highest quality pure grain spirit and crystal clear Scottish water are infused to perfection with 6 traditional and 5 Celtic, handpicked botanicals in the world's only working Copper Berry Chamber.

Caorunn {pronounced 'ka-roon'} from the Gaelic for 'Rowan Berry'- is a quadruple distilled modern London Dry Gin.

Dry and crisp, aromatic with floral, fruity notes. The taste is invigorating, clean, sweet and full-bodied, with a fresh and long-lasting finish. Caorunn &T is served with red apple. 41.8% ABV.



Daffy’s is a gin like no other, created from the finest French grain spirit, distilled on an ancient copper pot whisky still with Lebanese mint and the finest botanicals to create a gin that is classic, complex, perfectly balanced and fresh with a world of intrigue.

The quality of the base spirit we use, along with how we steep and distil our botanicals results in a deeply complex and well balanced spirit that is exceptionally good to drink on its own over ice, in cocktails or as a life-changing D&T with fresh mint and lime.

Lebanese mint as a botanical brings an extraordinary freshness to Daffy’s complimenting our other tasting notes of toffee, citrus, spice caramel and fresh mint.


eight lands

Eight Lands produces authentic, organic spirits with Speyside spring water, distilled and bottled at the family-owned Glenrinnes Distillery on our estate.

Our gin and vodka are made with the finest, sustainably farmed ingredients and the fresh water that flows freely past our door at the foot of the Ben Rinnes mountain. We’d love you to come and see the place for yourself.

We invest an extraordinary amount of time and effort into making our spirits because we believe it comes through in the taste. These are spirits for the moments that really matter with the people closest to you. Whether you’re gathering old friends or celebrating a new arrival, mark the occasion with Eight Lands and turn a good time into quality time.



Being distilled and bottled in Elgin, Moray how could we call our gin anything else!!! With over 25 years experience in the drinks industry between us both we have taken over a year to develop what we think is this amazing gin.

This is what makes El-gin “no ordinary gin”. The Scottish oats add a soft creaminess to the gin adding to the complexity and mouthfeel – but don’t worry as the oats are added before distillation we are still gluten free.

While we use the same recipe for every batch given the small nature of production each batch is never going to be completely identical – this makes us truly craft and something we kinda like. We distill in a small copper pot still over a direct heat which allows us to manually control the distillation, allowing us total control of the botanical flavour profile. Finally we check the quality by rigorously nosing and tasting every batch before hand filling, sealing and labelling.


gordon castle

Gordon Castle Gin is an award-winning premium gin handcrafted using botanicals grown in its very own Scottish Walled Garden. As one of the brand’s leading products, the Scottish brand was established to facilitate the estate’s diversification project to restore one of Britain’s oldest and largest walled gardens. Every product emanates from this historic walled garden and helps to keep the story alive.

On the palate, Gordon Castle Gin is a crisp, elegant and refreshing gin with a lovely clean finish. Subtle notes of lavender linger in the back of the nose and within the mouth while garden mint comes into focus helping promote the clean and refreshing character.

The Perfect Serve is easy. Simply add 50ml Gordon Castle Gin to a chilled highball glass with ice. Add tonic water to taste, stir once and then add lemon, lime and mint to garnish, leaving you with a deliciously crisp, fresh drink.



Hand-Crafted Highland Gins

Our gins are developed on ‘Wee Alice’, a fifty litre Hoga copper pot still which is ideal for creating unique spirits. Once we are happy with the recipes, we move up to our 100 litre stills for production. These are as yet unnamed, so watch this space as there may be a competition to christen a highland still in the near future.

The distillation process sees us macerating our botanicals for several hours. Our direct-fired stills are hand made for us in Portugal, paying homage to the origins of distillation by the Moors in the12th century. Once the stills are full, a long, slow distillation allows us to decide the cut points by taste rather than yield, to ensure that we create a highland dry Scottish gin of the highest standard.


RED door

Red Door Highland Gin is created at a working Speyside distillery where we have over 120 years of making high quality spirits. Handcrafted in our copper still, Peggy, our small-batch Highland gin uses a core of traditional botanicals, plus three that are inspired by Scotland’s mountains, forests and coastline.

With a heart of finest juniper, citrus fruits, coriander and cassia bark, the addition of aromatic sea buckthorn, pearls of heather and rowanberries contribute to a complex yet balanced bittersweet London Dry gin.

Red Door gin lends itself to a classic G&T or simple cocktails such as delicious Negroni or smooth Martini. 

For the G&T, a garnish of fresh raspberries will compliment the complex flavours.



Duncan's Gin is an adventure into the world of distilling for husband and wife team Bob and Silvi Duncan - Having a passion for all things Scottish they took more than a year to come up with a unique recipe to capture the essence and flavours from the beautiful landscape around them and create a beautiful handcrafted Gin Using only handpicked Scottish botanics from around the beautiful Cairngorm National Park blended with Pure Spring Water from Speyside it was distilled and bottled - They proudly used the Duncan Tartan their clan motto to dress the bottle .... 'Savour The Moment'.


From little sheds come great gins.

The Inshriach Distillery came to fame in 2015 by winning Channel 4's Shed of the Year and was instrumental in launching a prize-winning gin. Now we have a new still, a new team and are producing our Original 43% and Navy Strength 57% Speyside gins here in the grounds of Inshriach House. Inshriach Estate is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a few miles from Aviemore and deep in the Cairngorms National Park. Not only is this one of last strongholds of Scottish juniper, it is an area abundant in interesting and edible botany. We pick all our ingredients within a few miles of the estate.


Tenacious Gin was created by Mike Lord of The Whisky Shop Dufftown for the 10th Anniversary of him owning the shop. There were 3 reasons behind the name, Tenacious symbolising the ten years of ownership, the ten botanicals used and because, like the gin, Mike has had to be tenacious in running the shop and getting the business to where it is today. Tenacious is a juniper led gin with citrus notes from lemon peel and sweet gentle spices from Pink and Szechuan Peppercorns.  Perfect neat or with a dash of tonic as a smooth flavoursome and delicious G&T.